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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Apr 26, 2022

You asked. She answers. Straight off her spring break trip to Mexico with her son, Catt is back to reset and return to her habits of healthy living - a lifestyle you guys are often asking about. In this episode you’ll not only hear Catt detail what she typically eats in a day, but also what healthy snack brands she is a fan of, what sugar free beverages are lighting her fire, and what potion she’s adding to her coffee on the regular. She also details her vitamin regime – probiotics, anti-stress armor, and CBD selections.


But beyond that, and perhaps most importantly, Catt believes that our daily diet extends beyond food! Hear about the books from her favorite authors and spiritual advisors that she consumes regularly. On this all new show, you’ll even get Catt reading some of her favorite passages. So press play, get inspired, be love, and pass it on!


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