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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Aug 30, 2022

We’ve heard Catt go on and on about her love of hot yoga and how it’s transformed her mentally, physically and spiritually in the last couple of years. Today, with great anticipation, we welcome her guru Joe Komar, co-owner of Urban 728 Yoga, to the show.  If you think you know all you need to know about yoga, think again. Joe and Catt break down the countless physical benefits of the practice, but also get into so much more. 


Learn how healing intentional breathing can be, why wringing out toxins and sweating is good for the body and soul, why our bodies are not intended to be storage containers and how flushing out trauma can be life-changing! (And of course, that tone and glow never hurt nobody!)


If you are a beginner, don’t worry. Joe says be unafraid! He’ll give you advice on getting started. 


And listen up #ABD fam: try your first week FREE at Urban 728. Head to the website and register today.  Don’t live in LA, no problem. You can take online classes from the studio from the website as well.


Namaste, everyone!


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