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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Oct 5, 2021

This week on #ABD, Catt catches up with her friend writer, comedian, and host of the podcast “Social Studies,” Jena Kingsley.

We learn early in the conversation that Jena has been newly diagnosed with Covid but still graciously came to the show to share her unique, raw, and hilarious take on all the things!

Catt and Jena talk the power of therapy and the power of love which turns into a discussion about how it’s never too late to find the right romantic partner and find your happily ever after.

But then the couple’s discussion goes extra deep and the girls tackle tough subjects like Bennifer, Kourtney and Travis, and wait for it – Catt and Jason.

In perhaps Catt’s most revealing aka embarrassing episode to date – key word ‘stalker’ – Jena helps Catt figure out how to land her newest crush. It’s impossible to not laugh and leave this latest episode smiling. It Sure is a Beautiful Day!

Make sure to check out Jena’s show Social Studies and follow her on Instagram!
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