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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Feb 1, 2022

As we all surface from another long winter and the pandemic rages on, Catt is back on the mic with another solo episode to lift your spirits a bit!  This time she is detailing her favorite fashion trends for Spring. From her new love of stripes and her forever obsession of crop tops, to everything she’s packing for her upcoming beach vacation, we get the play by play on what brands she’s wearing and why. From accessories to fitness, we basically go inside her closet. 
Plus, all of us want to put our best face forward this Spring - so what are the must-have beauty tools and products you need in your vanity to look and feel drop dead gorgeous? Catt shares her absolute favorites. Look for the complete list and links to all items on
An extra special thank you to this week’s sponsor: CHANEL. 
This episode may contain paid endorsements and advertisements for products and services. Individuals on the show may have a direct, or indirect financial interest in products, or services referred to in this episode.
Love you all and see you next Tuesday!
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