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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Apr 12, 2022

It Sure is a Beautiful Day when Catt is in conversation with an undisputable powerhouse like Scarlett Johansson! Today on the show Scarlett gives us the skinny on her brand-new clean beauty company: The Outset. Also joining is co-founder and CEO Kate Foster Lengyel.


We hear about the challenges of creating clean and effective skin care, the differences between the beauty and film industry, and Scarlett also shares about her own personal skin challenges and living through a pandemic while raising two wee ones.


What products from The Outset does hubby Colin Jost love the most? Does Scarlett have a favorite podcast? And of course, what is her favorite part of the day and why?


Make sure to check out online and follow their IG for updates at @theoutset. You can also shop products starting April 26th at Sephora!


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