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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Jul 12, 2022

Back on reality tv as one of the new cast members of Real Housewives of Dubai, 46-year-old media darling Caroline Stanbury is absolutely slaying life. She tells Catt that she straight-up manifested her new role on the show, she’s busy hosting her own podcast Divorced Not Dead, she’s managing countless businesses, is happily remarried to her “boy toy”  nineteen years younger, and oh yeah - is a mother of three.


On this episode you will undoubtedly appreciate Caroline’s no-bullshit attitude and refreshing take on approaching life. Caroline talks to Catt about why being honest and raw gets you what you want and why age is nothing but a number. Life is only getting better and better at mid-age when you pursue your truest passions and stop worrying about what everybody else thinks! Her confidence is contagious. 


Follow Caroline on IG and make sure to listen to Catt as a guest on her show here: Divorced Not Dead. Our host talks all about her marriages, divorces, and current relationship today!


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