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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

May 30, 2023

Last week we talked about how nourishing food can be for the body, and why it’s a major medicine for overall health.  This week we tackle Intuitive Eating. What is it? How can it serve you? How can “hunger” actually be the answer to getting your weight and body balance back?


Today Catt is joined by Kiki Athanas - women’s health coach, gut-brain expert & co-founder of a functional adaptogenic supplements brand. She’s helped countless women get their eating dilemmas sorted once and for all. With her expertise she’s transforming lives and ultimately helping people find food ‘freedom’ allowing them to get back to the lives and bodies they love.


Do you find yourself obsessing about food all day long? Are you always thinking about your next meal? Are you constantly trying to restrict calories? Are you binging and then regretting the food you do eat? Is your overall relationship with food simply toxic?  Are you emotionally eating around the clock? Would you like to be free of this constant tug and pull in your mind and put your time and energy into other more productive tasks or passions or dreams of yours?


This episode is IT.  Follow Kiki on IG and visit her website to learn more!


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