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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Dec 20, 2022

This week on It Sure is a Beautiful Day, Catt catches up with friend Olivia Culpo to talk, literally, all the things! Nothing is off limits when these two talk about Olivia’s pageant days (Miss Rhode Island USA 2012 and later Miss Universe!)  to her early days as an influencer - why taking risks and listening to her own voice has been the key to her success!


With more than five million Instagram followers, a new reality show with her family on TLC  called “The Culpo Sisters,” and her much talked about love life with NFL player Christian McCaffrey, Olivia’s openness and warmth reminds us why she’s always one to watch.


Make sure to stay through the whole episode as we learn more about Olivia’s decision to freeze her eggs, how she manages triggers in her current relationship due to those past traumatic ones, and why family will always be the core of her happiness. 


A refreshing, fun, and honest conversation on this week’s #ABD!



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