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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Jan 4, 2022

What a treat to have super celebrated naturopathic practitioner, Dr. Nigma Talib in studio with Catt and Cait this week. She schools us all on getting our gut in check so that we can glow from the inside out. Best-selling author of “Younger Skin Starts in the Gut” she shares her decades of expertise with us so we can jump start our healthiest habits this year.

Should Cait get Botox or could changing her diet actually give her the skin she desires? What can Catt incorporate into her son’s diets to help heal their acne-prone skin? What foods should we all be both eliminating and adding to our meals to optimize our best chance at radiant, clear, youthful looking skin? There are skin aging triggers we should know about – what are they?

If you’re up for a reset in 2022, this conversation is packed with information and great advice to incorporate into your new routine. Plus, the ladies discuss hormones, meditation, treatments like micro-needling and more. Come hang with us on this all new episode of It Sure is a Beautiful Day!

Follow Dr. Nigma Talib on IG and make sure to check out her website which is another wonderful resource. That’s where you can shop the Vitamin C Cocktail powder Catt talks about taking religiously!

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