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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Jun 6, 2023

As her video series Midlife & Me concludes, our host Catt delivers on her promise. She goes under the knife and on record about her facelift, neck lift, and blepharoplasty. Straight from bed, 13 days post-surgery, we hear from Catt for the first time. What was it like? How is she feeling? What was the unexpected complication that literally has her jaw shut and why is she not eating solid foods?


In this highly vulnerable solo episode, we get the play by play on her personal physical experience through this process, but also hear a raw explanation of her emotional state at this point in her recovery. Plus, Catt answers your questions from IG – so make sure to stay tuned for the whole ep.


If you’ve considered this type of plastic surgery and always been curious about what it entails, you’ll want to press play stat. She talks about every detail. From the pre-op requirements to the surgery itself, to the painful recovery – with many long days still ahead. 


But was it worth it? You’ll have to listen to find out. 


A huge and sincere thank you to Catt’s doctor of more than a decade: Dr. Steven Kim from SK Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles. There’s no one else she would have trusted with her face. We’re hoping to get him on It Sure is a Beautiful Day in the very near future, but also make sure to subscribe to Midlife & Me where you can meet him and get caught up on interviews and more in this limited video series sent directly to your texts on your phone. 


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