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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Dec 14, 2021

This brand new conversation is raw, incredibly revealing, and somewhat emotional! You can’t get more vulnerable than the girls are in this episode.

Cait celebrates 365 days without alcohol. She discusses how drastically her life has changed –  physically, mentally, and emotionally. Cait’s powerful story about choosing herself and making her sober reality her favorite place to be.

And then, unexpectedly, Catt reveals her own battles with alcohol.  For the first time ever she details drinking before going on national television and how that reality has haunted her for years. A secret she had been keeping. Why she was holding on to some of these memories and how meaningful it is to let it go.

Then, of course, as with every Catt and Cait catch-up, our host brings us up to speed on her dating life. She’s come a long way baby! Is there someone new? Has a genuine connection been made for the first time in a very long time? And what does psilocybin have to do with it? Yep, this is one humdinger of a story in one of our favorite episodes of the year. We cannot wait to hear what you think!

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