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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Jun 7, 2022

In this week’s It Sure is a Beautiful Day, we hear from Catt’s longtime friend Jacey Duprie in a way we never have before. 



You may know her as a wildly popular lifestyle influencer, a blogger, a fashion designer, and an entrepreneur, but now this wife and mother is officially an author. Today, Jacey releases her first book “Liking Myself Back,” and the girls are talking all about it. Consider this your spoiler alert, because Jacey is revealing some of the most intimate parts of her world like never before. She discusses the near collapse of her marriage, her turbulent childhood, surviving sexual assault, living with ADHD, and much more. 



In this most intimate conversation we hear why she’s telling her story, what her personal and professional journey has taught her, and if in fact, she’s learned to care more about liking herself rather than the number of likes her Instagram posts. 



Please, make sure to let us know what you think of this powerful and much-anticipated episode and make sure to read Liking Myself Back for yourself!



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