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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Oct 12, 2021

It’s the return of Catt + Cait with another raw, unfiltered check-in about many of the things we all go through in this thing called life. Catt’s more than halfway through her ‘21 Days of Hot Yoga Challenge’ and if you’re like Cait, you don’t get it. “Huh? I Don’t Do Yoga.” Well, listen up as our host makes an argument for the practice and breaks down all of the many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

Breaking News! Cait, too, now has a new puppy. Her very first pet – EVER. Has sweet little Passion made for a happy house and home? Um, not exactly. Some hiccups with the new baby you’ll probably relate to. Help!

And it wouldn’t be an episode of Catt + Cait unless we get updates about Catt’s latest date or non-date or wanna-be date or cancelled date or obsession (hi Jason). We also have a very important question for our audience: Is a “Good Morning Beautiful” text cringy or romantic? There’s much debate.

For more on Urban728 Yoga, check out their website. There are group classes, private classes, and online classes as well. Stream one of them wherever you are in the world!

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