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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Jun 27, 2023

Today is an extra personal and special episode. Catt is joined by her two longtime friends Jacey Duprie and Catalina Su. You may know them if you’ve been a longtime follower of Catt, but if not, you may also know them for their own impressive accomplishments. Jacey is an entrepreneur, published author, and creative director of Wyeth. Lina is a makeup artist who has painted the faces of the Kardashians, Britney Spears, and many others – and is now spending most of her time enthusiastically sharing about her new skincare venture Incellderm which you can learn more about on her blog


In this episode, the girls come over to record Catt’s final episode in her home studio before making the move to Malibu to merge lives with her partner Greg. They discuss this major life transition – reflecting on the past and romanticizing the future. This conversation marks the “in-between” and it’s quite touching (and fun!)


It Sure is a Beautiful Day to think about the opportunity that change can bring!


Also, an important announcement you won’t want to miss.