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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Aug 23, 2022

Love, mushrooms, dogs - oh my! On the eve of Catt’s birthday, our Virgo Queen sits down for a solo episode and reflects on the last year of her life.  You want raw? You want some tea? Well this is it, people!


In the romance department, Catt and her bf are celebrating 10 months together. How has her approach to love changed and why is this relationship not only working but flourishing?! 


You know our host has tried psilocybin but how else have mushrooms played into her trip around the sun this past year? 


Also, as Catt’s son starts his senior year, our host opens up about her own high school experience for the very first time. What she reveals may surprise you. How she’ll be leaning into this important time in her son’s life.


And the dogs. Are yours in need of some obedience training too? Why animals needs are much like are own!


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