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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Nov 29, 2022

You guys loved the first episode with these two and asked for more! Well, you’ve got it. On a brand-new episode of It Sure is a Beautiful Day we catch up with Catt’s partner Greg Alterman shortly after their one-year anniversary. 


Catt gets to the bottom of some of your remaining burning questions – How did Greg become this fabulous cook? What does he do for a living? He’s had notable success, but what about his most painful business failure? There sure is a lot we can learn from a guy who was on the Inc 500 list as a young entrepreneur. We hear a bit about his life as the founder of Alternative Apparel and the relaunch of his juice business, Juice Served Here


THEN, things get super yummy as Greg puts Catt on the hot seat and interviews HER. The Catt v Cathy dichotomy, who does she like better? Why does she want to fuck Jack Black? What is her least favorite character trait? What makes her most anxious? Why does she refuse to share ice cream with Greg? Ha!


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