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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Jun 21, 2022

Your girls are back! Yep, Catt and Cait are in-studio again discussing all the things! And by ALL, whew – they cover a lot.


Catt’s hormonal struggles return. Maybe you can relate? She’s seen her OB and her acupuncturist recently, desperately seeking comfort and answers. What has she learned about her physical body but also what about her energetic one?  Lots to reveal.  Speaking of energy, how much thought do you give it each day? Your energy? The energy around you? Cait details her new, enhanced, hyper-vivid outlook since becoming a non-drinker.


Cait could have ADHD and is deep diving into what this could mean for her life. Should she take meds? Change her diet? How this revelation has her seeking answers. We discuss.


It’s Pride Month. The ladies talk about how important compassion is – especially for those who still might be unsure, or confused, or fearful to come forward about their sexuality. Cait shares about experiencing pride now that she is in a same-sex relationship.


Open, honest, important dialogue on this week’s episode of It Sure is a Beautiful Day. Have you left a review yet? Please do! We’d love to hear from you. What are you liking about the show? What, if anything, are you not fan of? And any suggestions for topics or guests always welcomed.


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