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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Feb 22, 2022

In this week’s pow wow the girls get under the covers at Catt’s house for a real heart to heart. Why is Cait feeling like change is in the air? She explains how a recent personal matter has her evaluating her boundaries.


Also, why do we paralyze ourselves with pressure to produce professionally on some kind of socially accepted schedule? Both Catt and Cait relate to this but talk through the many reasons why it’s unhealthy. Another lesson in living in the moment and celebrating our everyday triumphs! Plus, why living in denial keeps us from healing and moving forward with our lives! If you hope for happier days, perhaps today’s shares from our two hosts will resonate with you and propel you towards facing some of your past trauma. 


And lastly, Catt has a new obsession. Hear what podcast she can’t stop talking about and why she’s fascinated with reversing aging! News alert: it has nothing to do with wrinkles and everything to do with quality of life.


**A special thank you to our show partner: Chanel.**


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