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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Jan 18, 2022

In this brand new episode of It Sure is a Beautiful Day, Catt brings on her friend Doug Bopst to learn more about his riveting story of redemption. Once addicted to Oxycontin living a life of shame and ultimately staring death in the face, Doug goes to jail and has a decision to make. Will he keep numbing his pain and avoid his unresolved trauma, or will he face his demons, get clean, and choose another path?


Today Doug is the host of the Adversity Advantage podcast, he is a fitness trainer, he is an author, and he is a teacher. Don’t miss him sharing his wisdom because if he can come back - so can you! How to go from victim mentality to a healthy mindset, how to form lasting healthy habits, and how to become the absolute best version of yourself - starting today.


Make sure to follow Doug on IG and download his podcast too!


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