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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

Sep 6, 2022

Our pups are our family and just like our human relationships, the canine one can be complicated! But don’t worry, today the experts are here to help.


A few months ago Catt sought the help of a dog trainer to help with her puppy Moon’s barking and skittish nature. She was learning so many great tips from her new guru that she wanted to share them with all of you! Today on the show she is joined by The Dog Professor Edward Garcia and Matt Robyn, another trainer with years of experience and insight. How can we curb our pet’s bad behavior and bring out the very best? On this episode you’ll learn about the 3 “D’s” – essential methods to get what you want out of your dog so your family can live happily ever after. Ha!


In this episode we cover it all and answer your specific questions from social. Whether its barking issues, walking problems, biting dilemmas – Edward, Matt, and Catt get into it. Save your money and get awesome advice on how to best interact with your furry friends simply by pressing PLAY. Also, live in LA and want specific help for your pooch? Email


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