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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

May 4, 2021

In Catt’s first interview for It Sure is a Beautiful Day, international music darling Ava Max stops by Catt’s house to share in a way we’ve never heard before. In this fun yet revealing conversation, Ava talks about her struggles to stardom which included partying at a young age and being sexually harassed during some of her early encounters with men in the music industry. In true queen form, Ava tells the story of how she persisted through the darker times and eventually got her big break.

You’ll also hear some surprising revelations about how Ava survived lockdown, her obsession with a certain food during quarantine, and a very detailed description of her morning self-care routine.

We also learn about Catt and Ava’s Mariah Carey connection and their mutual love for empowering women.

Make sure to listen to Ava’s debut album Heaven & Hell and following along on her journeys on IG.




Produced by Dear Media.