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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

May 18, 2021

Completely in line with Mental Health Awareness month, in this episode of It Sure is a Beautiful Day, the girls unpack the reasons for all of those voices in our heads - and more importantly, how to quiet them. Cait returns from an acting “intensive” workshop and realizes she has incessant chatter between her ears most minutes of the day. Why are those never-ending narratives in our brains often impossible to quiet? Catt weighs in with her own beliefs after years of studying the subject. They both share the ways they get grounded to feel less anxious and more whole.

You’ll want to take notes as Catt details her practices to get centered that include yoga, deep breathing, and meditation. Have trouble staying in the moment? She walks you through a step-by-step way to be more present and at peace in your days.

Do you need to get motivated to work out? You won’t believe Catt’s evolution of exercise. It’s been a legit love/hate relationship, not unlike that of her ex. Cait, on the other hand, loves lying down for Pilates. One work out she can get behind. 
After covering the mind and the body, the girls gab about injectibles in your twenties versus your forties. Cait has never had Botox. Should she do it live on the show? They discuss. 
Also, what’s their obsession with the Calm App? 
Catt shouts out her Yoga studio.  As promised it’s if you’d like to try an online class.
Produced by Dear Media.