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It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

May 11, 2021

Famed artist and Instagram favorite @morganharpernichols goes deep with Catt about recently discovering she is Autistic. How her diagnosis has helped her find language for her struggles, but also how the revelation enhances her body of work. Both Catt and Morgan talk about acting with courage and using vulnerability as a strength. Ever wanted to really live in the present but don’t know how? They’ll walk you through it. 

MHN also shares her experience with pay discrimination.  After consistently being paid less as a musician than the men in her circle,  she began writing about her grief. Out of this pain her new career was born and now she’s developing her other artistic talents on her own terms.

Also, make sure to check out Morgan's new book, “How Far You Have Come.” Available wherever books are sold. 



Produced by Dear Media.